Welcome to my small place on the Internet. My name is Pim Beune, the creator of the website. As of now, I am a 2nd year MSc Computer Science student at the University of Twente. I am a passionate Linux user and I love to self-host applications on my Raspberry Pi cluster. In my free time I like to tweak my Neovim config and work on my projects. Please see my posts for the things I have created.

GitLab, Resume, GPG key

Hiking Game

An online game I made for my scouting group.
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My university workflow

My university workflow explained.
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How to upgrade PostgreSQL major versions on Alpine Linux.

I wrote this guide because none seemed to exist yet.
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How to handle mailto links with multiple NeoMutt accounts

How I set up mailto links to support multiple NeoMutt accounts.
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A lightweight webserver to host some static files.
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