My name is Pim Beune. In 2018, I started studying Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente. There, a great friend showed me the wonderful world of Linux and FOSS. I have never looked back since. I like self-hosting applications on my Raspberry Pi cluster, such as a free/libre Google Drive alternative called Nextcloud. This makes me independent of the tech giants located in Silicon Valley :)

In 2021 I completed my Bachelor’s and started my Master’s in Computer Science, also at the University of Twente. More specifically, I am following the Cyber Security track of my Master’s. If all goes well, I will be graduating in 2023, and I can call myself a Master of Science.

In my free time I like to tweak my config files (especially Neovim) and work on my projects. I really enjoy the gruvbox colorscheme, which I have applied to pretty much all of my terminal applications. Furthermore, it inspired me to style my homepage in a gruvbox-esque way.